Free SEO Page Checker

 Do you wonder, “how do I get more website visitors to my website” or “why do my website visitors drop off the pages quickly?”

The answers may be in your SEO.

Yay! Starter’s Free SEO Page Checker is a review of your website that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your site from several perspectives:
  • Site Health – Site score is a numeric value, ranging from 1-100 (100 being best) that is used to grade your firm’s website on searchability, technical function, user experience and more. Think of the site score as a report card for your website. Major search engines, including Google, use site scores to give preference in search to better-built websites, more functional and more frequently updated.  The higher your site score, the more search weight the search engines give you, making it easier for you to rank for competitive keywords.
  • Crawled Pages – If you want to rank in search, you need to be indexed. If you want to be indexed, bots need to be able to effectively and regularly crawl your site. If an online hasn’t been indexed, you won’t be able to find it in Google even if you search for an entire paragraph that you copy-and-pasted directly from your website. If the search engine doesn’t have a copy of your page, it might as well not exist.
  • Issues –The Site Audit Issues Report lists all the issues on a domain that were found by our crawler. For a more detailed report that lists all issues, errors, warnings, or notices, contact our team at
Once your audit is complete the actions we identify can then be used as the starting point for the online strategy of your business.