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Whilst all businesses are individually unique, there are some clear differences between B2C and B2B businesses. B2B businesses will usually have a much smaller number of customers than B2C businesses – for certain businesses, a handful of clients a year will be enough to make them profitable. 

B2B businesses are much more likely to sell services or subscriptions, as opposed to single-purchase products. B2B businesses are also likely to require more steps in their sales funnel. 

With these distinctions clear for everyone to see, it wouldn’t make sense to market your product in the same way a B2C company would. Everything is different – but that’s no bad thing.

Yes, the number of potential clients is smaller, but getting to them is arguably easier. Yes, the type of service sold often requires more leg work, but some tools can help you streamline that process. 

As a London-based lead generation UK agency, we have a vast amount of experience in B2B marketing. Whether it’s B2B lead generation services for eLearning or lead generation for FinTechs or any other sector, we have the tools and know-how to get you or your product in front of your target audience.

Email Lead Generation
LinkedIn Lead Generation

Also known as B2B outreach or ‘cold’ outreach, an email lead generation is a form of marketing that involves sending emails directly to potential clients, often suggesting a demo, phone call, or meeting. This approach can be highly effective for B2B businesses due to two main reasons.

Firstly, B2B businesses usually have a much clearer idea of who their target audience is. B2B products and services will often solve a specific problem, enabling them to identify who they can help more easily. If you’re a B2C company that sells socks, you might have a general idea of your target demographic – gender, age, salary, perhaps certain interests – but it would be far less specific. 

Secondly, it’s usually much easier to get hold of these types of customers. By hosting events, webinars or panels, you are able to get contact information through sign-ups, providing they are advertised correctly.

Continuing with the sock company example, attempting to get the email addresses of all potential customers in your target market without their explicit consent, and then emailing them, would be an unfeasibly large task and under GDPR, this would no longer be allowed anyway.

As a B2B lead generation agency in London we work with you to really nail down your target audience and create personas for the decision-makers (or influencers) you should be targeting. Once that is established, leave everything to us. Using years of experience, in-house methods and specific tools, we find your targets, engage with them, and move them along a specific sales journey tailored to them.

If you’re a B2B company, not using LinkedIn for lead generation services is one of the biggest mistakes you can make! Whilst we can use certain techniques to obtain the email addresses of your target audience, LinkedIn streamlines the whole process.  

With the key decision-makers in your sales process being easily identifiable, you can build a campaign that speaks directly to a wide range of potential clients. LinkedIn allows you to filter your audience by job title, seniority, company size, industry and more.  

But, it’s not just a case of sending a blanket email to thousands of LinkedIn inboxes – there’s an art to it. We help you to first warm-up potential clients, then connect you to them, before sending personalised, content-driven, automated message strings and automatically following up. 

Lead generation services on LinkedIn allows you to run messaging campaigns as well as connector campaigns – both being suitable in different circumstances. We have run scores of these types of campaigns, and are well accustomed to generating top-quality leads within a reasonable budget.

Terms You May Have Heard: 

Funnel: A funnel is another term for sales process or sales journey. It describes the stages from initial interest in your business all the way through to a sale being made. 

B2B Cold Outreach: Reaching out directly to potential B2B clients. This could be in the form of emails, LinkedIn messages or phone calls, but wouldn’t apply to Google Ads or social media advertising.

A/B Testing: This is where you test 2 (or more) pieces of content (ads or organic content) against each other to see which performs best. 

Case Studies

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Thanks to Yay!Starter Marketing's field expertise, the client's campaigns have generated a 20.1% acceptance rate, allowing them to secure 350 new connections. The team effectively communicates with the client to provide progress updates and ensure the project's success.
- Emma Warren-Jones
Yay!Starter are, unequivocally, the finest digital marketing agency I’ve ever worked with. Within six months they have breathed new digital life into the company by transitioning us away from in-house outdated techniques and poor results to bringing us huge gains in quality lead generation through carefully constructed warm and cold outreach email campaigns, greatly increasing our CTR and boosting our open rates by over 20%, as well as advancing our brand awareness and social media presence.
- Jamie Browning, Ultima Cleaning Academy