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Market Research

Learn About Consumer Trends, Regulations and Potential Competitors

Businesses decide to do market research for various reasons. For some, they want to know their customers better, enabling them to improve their offering and/or marketing strategy. Others want to judge their internal situation and see where their company sits in their given market. 

If your business is planning to move into a new market, research will definitely be required, allowing you to learn about relevant consumer trends, regulations and potential competitors. Even if you are not expanding to a new market, performing regular research into the competitors in your market is a wise move for your business, enabling you to see if any companies have joined or existing companies have repositioned. 

Most importantly, research gives you information, and no business has ever been disadvantaged by having more information. Upon gathering the data we assess and analyse it, creating visual representation of all insight gained

Below are some of the particular types of market research services we can provide. 

Market analysis
Competitive analysis
Qualitative analysis

If you are either just launching your business or looking to move into a new market, this is what you need. We provide a deep dive into all aspects of the market, covering potential clients, target demographics, current buying trends and more.

This type of market research allows you to learn everything about all the competitors in your space. This is not just a case of who they are and how long they’ve been operating, but how they position themselves, which events they are appearing at, which publications they are featuring in and more. 

The more you know about your competitors the better you can market your own offering effectively. We do the legwork for you in a thorough, yet discreet, manner.

Qualitative analysis allows you to get more detailed information from a smaller sample size. As opposed to answering set questions which have set answers, as with quantitative analysis, this approach usually involves small focus groups, allowing them to answer open-ended questions. 

If you are launching a new app for your business and want to check how easy it is to use, this type of market research is highly valuable. We can curate your research group, host sessions and interpret and present data.

Case Studies

Avado Market Research

What Our Clients Say About Us

We worked with the brilliant team at Yay!Starter over a 2 month period, consulting on market research for a digital learning programme. Their professionalism, depth of research and lightning-fast turnaround time made them an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate again on future projects.
- Jill Kayton, Avado