Brand awareness boost

FIS Solutions Cold Outreach Campaign

After operating for over 10 years without any marketing, FIS wanted our help to expand and scale further.

Spearheading the FinTech sector


FIS Solutions is a Fintech company that provides loan management software to lenders and loan providers.

Cementing the brand


 FIS Solutions approached us as they needed to solidify their brand awareness and generate new leads in order to achieve their business growth targets over the next few years. They came to us without having their ideal client profile or buyer persona clearly identified.

Targeting and reaching out


We started by running a workshop to identify what type of lender they should be targeting, and who within these organisations were the decision makers (and influencers). We then defined a social media strategy and ran a cold outreach campaign (via LinkedIn and Email) to raise their online presence and generate qualified leads for the business.  

Qualifying leads and converting customers


In the first month of running, our campaign generated 15 qualified leads that converted into meetings/demos for FIS Solutions. The lead generation campaign did not require any additional advertising spend, making it a cost-effective strategy with a deal size of around 20,000 euros on average.