Promoting courses during pandemic

Eton X COVID Campaign

Following an unprecedented global pandemic, Eton X wanted to continue supporting students with their learning during school closures, but needed help in optimising their courses.

An innovator in education, looking to expand further


EtonX is a British education technology company, founded by Eton College in 2015. Having supported teenagers all over the world with their online courses and bespoke learning platform, Eton X utilises innovative software to deliver high-quality course materials.

Boosting services during unprecedented times


EtonX, an e-learning project by Eton College, wanted to promote their tutor-led courses globally during the COVID-related school closures to allow students to learn new skills during the lockdown. 

The course content focused on soft skills development and was new to the audiences. Our task was to promote the online courses and also explain their unique value. 

Going global


We studied the content and broke it down into several messages highlighting the main benefits of studying – for students and their parents. Each message was tailored to a unique audience segment and the content was localised.

We created and launched 18 powerful Facebook advertising campaigns targeting students in 8 countries: Italy, Spain, Poland, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Hong Kong.

Driving traffic and sign-ups


Within 6 weeks, we managed to drive thousands of new users to the EtonX website at an average cost of £0.10/click

The main goal of the campaign was to promote tutor-led courses, but a positive side effect was that we achieved multiple sign-ups for self-study courses. This reduced the user acquisition cost to £22/user for courses with an average price of £229.

We came to Yay!Starter with some very unique requirements for online customer acquisition. They diligently researched the markets for us and suggested channels and approaches that we hadn’t considered, resulting in some very efficient CPA in new territories. The team guided us through the process, keeping us informed at all times, providing us with detailed insights to help us make commercial decisions. I recommend Yana and Yay!Starter wholeheartedly. – Rahim Hirji, COO EtonX