Accelerating lead generation

Bippit Content-Led Marketing Strategy

Already successful in the financial wellbeing sector, Bippit needed help with expediting their growth by defining their go-to-market strategy.

Pioneer in financial wellbeing


Bippit gives employees in an organisation the qualified financial expert to talk to, so they feel less stressed, more secure, and more settled in their job.

Nailing down product-market fit


Experts in delivering financial wellbeing, Bippit needed help defining their go-to-market strategy and validating some of the initial assumptions that would take them closer to product-market fit. They also needed guidance on whether to start with a B2B and B2C approach.

Defining a strong go-to-market strategy


We created a strong go-to-market strategy for Bippit, including both a B2B and B2C approach, and recommended starting with the B2B strategy due to budget constraints. 

Our growth marketing and content strategy included content such as guides, SEO-friendly blog content, and a brochure that would support our cold outreach campaigns. We also implemented a cold B2B email sequence for automatically sourced LinkedIn leads, along with a series of event-triggered email automations for their end-users.

Creating and validating


In this 3-month long project, we managed to create the entire marketing strategy, validate some of the product assumptions, challenge the product limitations based on user testing, and generate initial B2B leads with our B2B cold outreach campaign.

In the space of just 3 months, Jessy helped us map out various go to market strategies, set-up outbound systems, and deliver a meaningful content strategy. Thanks to her support, we were able to make the right choices at the right time, to test the things that matter, and successfully acquire our first customers.” – Samuel Lathney, Bippit Co-Founder and CEO